Low Impact Urban Design and Development: the big picture

Marjorie van Roon and Henri van Roon

Landcare Research Science Series No. 37

An introduction to the LIUDD principles and methods framework

Low Impact Urban Design and Development (LIUDD) provides another way of thinking about how we manage the interaction between the built and natural environments, the way we accommodate urban growth, develop land, and provide and manage infrastructure. It provides an integrating framework for site and catchment-based design that recognises the value of natural processes and the role they can play in providing multiple outcomes for urban development. LIUDD recognises that ecosystems have limitations and that human activity must work within these to be sustainable.

LIUDD considers the effects of development over time and for all scales from lot to neighbourhood, catchment and region. This three-part report offers explanation, descriptions and examples of LIUDD principles and methods, and includes a wide-scale case study of the Hauraki Gulf and some of its catchments as an example of LIUDD principles in action.

Comprehensively illustrated with colour photographs, this manual provides an invaluable introductory guide to LIUDD principles and methods for the town dweller, developer, landscape or urban designer, engineer and planner.


Product information

Author: Marjorie van Roon and Henri van Roon
ISBN: 978-0-47-834702-9
Publisher: Manaaki Whenua Press
Publication date: 2009
Pages: 62
Format: Paperback