Island Invasives: Eradication and Management

Edited by C. R. Veitch, M. N. Clout, and D. R. Towns

Proceedings of the International Conference on Island Invasives

This 542 page volume stems from a conference that was held in Auckland in 2010 and attended by 240 delegates from at least 20 countries. The conference content covered any aspect of invasive species relating to natural insular ecosystems. This diverse array of subject matter is divided into four sections in the book. The first section deals with overviews and planned or attempted eradications. The second section introduces new technologies and approaches to eradications, such as dealing with multiple invasive species. Papers in the third section concentrate on the results and outcomes of eradications, especially responses by native species. The final section covers the roles and approaches that involve people, policy and invasion prevention (biosecurity).

The major purposes of holding the conference, and publishing these 95 peer-reviewed papers, are to encourage and assist the management of invasive species, particularly on islands. Managers, and potential managers, of invasive species will all find information in this book which will assist their endeavours to conserve natural ecosystems.

Published by IUCN, Gland, Switzerland and The Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity, Auckland, New Zealand


Product information

Author: Edited by C. R. Veitch, M. N. Clout, and D. R. Towns
ISBN: 978-0-47-809343-8
Publisher: IUCN and CBB
Publication date: 2011
Pages: 542
Format: PDF