Flora of the Liverworts and Hornworts of New Zealand Volume 1

John J. Engel and David Glenny

This is an illustrated guide to an important component of New Zealand's green plant flora. The liverworts and hornworts, together with the mosses, make up the bryophytes. Liverworts are morphologically a more diverse group than the mosses in that they have both leafy and thallose forms, the leafy forms at times being mistaken for mosses. This volume, the first of three, deals with leafy liverworts, as will Volume 2; Volume 3 will deal with the remainder of the leafy liverworts together with the thallose liverworts and the hornworts.

Volume 1 provides keys and descriptions to 211 of the 595 liverwort species, and provides a key to all genera of the largest order, the Jungermanniales. Detailed notes are provided on distribution and habitat, and discussions under the family and genus descriptions place the New Zealand flora in the context of the world liverwort and hornwort flora. To complement the descriptions, 172 black-and-white plates illustrate details of many of the species and 101 colour images illustrate almost all of the 60 genera in this volume.

Volume 1 includes a detailed Introduction, which presents a history of exploration of the New Zealand flora; provides a detailed overview of the region's climate, geology, and vegetation; and includes a special contribution on endophytic fungi associates in New Zealand liverworts and their ecological and evolutionary significance.

When this three-volume flora is completed, it will be the first flora for these two groups of bryophytes since Hooker's 1864-1867 Handbook of the New Zealand Flora.


Product information

Author: John J. Engel and David Glenny
ISBN: 978-1-93-072367-2
Publisher: Missouri Botanical Gardens Press
Publication date: 2008
Pages: 898
Format: Hardback