Flora of New Zealand Volume IV

C J Webb, W R Sykes, & P J Garnock-Jones

Describes the naturalised dicots, gymnosperms, ferns and fern allies; groups covered by Volume I for indigenous species.

Most are fully naturalised weeds, and some may be regarded as wildflowers. The many trees which are naturalised to varying degrees are also described. Within each family, keys also include geous species, and for genera with both indigenous and naturalised species, the indigenous species are also keyed out and described.

In total 1867 species are keyed and described, and of these 533 are illustrated. Known distribution and habitats are provided, as well as the region and the date the species was first recorded wild in New Zealand. For many species there are also notes on taxonomy, synonomy, reproduction and ecology.


Product information

Author: C J Webb, W R Sykes, & P J Garnock-Jones
ISBN: 978-0-47-702529-4
Publisher: Manaaki Whenua Press
Publication date: 1988
Pages: 1365
Format: Hardback