Flora of New Zealand Lichens

D J Galloway

New Zealand's rich and diverse lichen flora are described in this identification manual.

This volume discusses 966 taxa in 210 genera. Keys to genera ans species cover foliose, squamulose, fruticose, filamentous and crustose life forms. A biogeographical designation is assigned to most species (10 biogeographical elements are recognised in the New Zealand lichen flora), and short notes on distribution and ecology are included.

Most names based on New Zealand material are typified and the provenance of type material is indicated when known. Introductory material includes: a short history of lichenological exploration in New Zealand, a survey of taxonomic literature relating to New Zealand lichens for the period 1781--1983 and list of collectors of New Zealand lichens and of institutions wher their collections are held. An index to accepted taxa and to synonyms is provided, as well as a glossary of lichenological terms.

Although primarily an identification manual for serious lichenologists, the flora contains much information useful to the general botanist, student, and interested amateur.


Product information

Author: D J Galloway
ISBN: 978-0-47-701266-9
Publisher: Manaaki Whenua Press
Publication date: 1985
Pages: 662
Format: Hardback